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Yoga practitioners, say hello to your new best friend! Shining Heart Yoga Bolsters are designed with love using repurposed fabrics and other materials. This firm, dense pillow will support you in various yoga postures, helping you to access poses with greater comfort and proper alignment.  Exhale and surrender...restorative yoga just got that much better!!


5% of all Shining Heart Sales goes to, providing fresh water to needy communities worldwide. 

Dark floral Yoga Bolster

C$74.00 Regular Price
C$59.20Sale Price
  • Removable and washable cover - machine wash on delicate cycle and hang to dry. Low to medium iron (fabrics vary so test a small area first)

    Tip: Fold the velcro open to the outside when removing and replacing cover to avoid catching.

    Store bolster upright

    30" long,

    25" around,

    6 lbs