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Why Water Matters

5% of the profits from my business go towards this incredible charity!

Around the time I was birthing the idea of Shining Heart Designs, I came across a video about Scott Harrison, the founder of charity: water, and was deeply moved by his story and mission. It was then I decided that 5% of the profits from my business would go towards this charity that brings clean water to 28 countries around the world. Access to clean water provides many other rewards besides the obvious health benefits, including better education and opportunities for income; it truly is life changing, especially for women and children in developing and rural communities.


This organization’s goals match quite fittingly with SHD, as the repurposing of materials has a positive impact on the world’s water supply. Due to the popularity of fast fashion, over 80 billion garments are produced annually worldwide, which when combined with the fact that the textile industry is one of the worst causes of global water pollution, makes reducing, reusing and recycling of fabrics and clothing an even more worthy pursuit.

Thank you for being a part of this special cause with me!

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