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Shining Heart meditation cushions provide a lift under your sits bones, allowing a gentle hip opening and healthy spinal position. Each is filled with approx. 4 pounds of Canadian organic buckwheat hulls which mold to your shape, providing ultimate comfort.

Cushions have a removable cover for easy washing - simply fold the velcro pieces away from the inner lining when removing and replacing. SHD uses beautiful, upcycled materials to create each unique item and donates 5% from every sale to

Soft turquoise Meditation Cushion

  • Removable and washable cover - machine wash on delicate cycle and hang to dry. Low to medium iron (fabrics vary so test a small area first)

    Tip: Fold the velcro away from inner lining when removing and replacing cover to avoid catching.

    14" wide

    4.5" high

    4.0 lbs